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Precision Custom Cabinetry for Home Remodeling

The popularity of custom cabinets today can be attributed with the current trend in the consumer market, which is customization or personalization. It has been said that the future of the consumer market is everything that is ‘customized’. In the niche of home improvement and home design, the words custom solution has almost completely taken over. With custom, your choices will not be limited.

The goal of each home owner is to have a place where health and happiness thrives, and to be able to achieve that you must have a living space that is clean and organized. Properly installed and beautifully designed custom made cabinets are the answer to have an organized and clutter-free home. A home with good storage is an element that was often unnoticed by homeowners in the past. The demand for custom cabinetry increased not only because of the popularity of ‘everything custom’, but also because of the need of homeowners for optimum storage. Looking for misplaced items in your home, especially when you are a very busy individual, is a waste of valuable time. Properly placed and the right number of storage will help in solve this problem. Additionally, a well-maintained home with the right amount of storage will exhibit elegance. Add beautifully designed custom cabinet doors to the mix, and your home will express luxury.

Bathroom Cabinets and Vanities

With custom made cabinets, your design options are not limited. You have numerous options when it comes to the design of your custom made cabinets – from pattern to shape, finish, size and color. Unlike with store-bought cabinets, you can personalize based on your style, with consideration, of course, to the over-all aesthetic of your home.

Aside from the design of your custom built cabinets, you also have a say in the choice of material to be used. In custom cabinetry, the common material used is hardwood. Different types of hardwood include white oak, red oak, hickory, hard maple, cherry, ash, birch, and pine. There are also alternative choices if hardwood is not allowed within your budget such as medium density fiberboard or MDF, laminate veneer, aluminum, thermo-structured surfaces, and polyethylene. Custom cabinet builders can provide you with many choices of materials that you can use for your custom made cabinets.

Custom Bathroom Remodeling

The problem with store-bought cabinets is that it will not exactly fill the space you need it to fit in. You may find one that has the perfect height, but you realize it’s too wide, so your store-bought cabinet will eat up more space when you are trying to save more space in your home. One of the main factors why custom cabinetry is a better choice is that ability to you can perfectly match your cabinets to the space available. Storage you buy from stores have standard sizing that limits the buyers. The target of homeowners for creating storage is space utilization. With custom built cabinets, you can make use of all your available space effectively.

Adding Value to your Home

Did you know that the value of a house increases when there are many and huge, properly installed storage system? Ask custom cabinet makers, they will confirm this fact. When you see houses with custom built cabinets in the kitchen, customized bookshelves, walk-in closets with custom made cabinets, efficient garage storage – you admire the custom cabinetry and want the same for your house. One of the things that buyers look for when they visit homes with their agents is storage; the more a house has, the more efficient and properly situated they are, the better the craftsmanship, the more expensive it gets. Aside from making your home look expensive to onlookers, you will be increasing its market value in case you decide to sell it in the future.

The Beauty of Craftsmanship

One of the beauty of customized products is they will have the signature of the creator through craftsmanship. When looking for a custom cabinet make, choose someone who has a passion for their craft, not just someone who builds. The advantage of custom built cabinets is that you can play with the design, collaboration between you and your designer. If done right, you will end up with custom made cabinets with eye-catching designs because of the beautiful craftsmanship. Custom cabinet makers usually aim to provide high quality works, especially when using premium materials. You will notice cabinets that were customized have tenons, mortise, dowels, dovetailed joints, hydraulic joints – instead of being joined by nails or glues (usually applied to store-bought cabinets).

In this day and age, to be able to show you what the end product will look like, custom cabinet builders make use of software to create the design based on your meeting with them. A 3D rendering in full color will be shown to you, and you have to give your approval before your custom cabinet builders will start the job.

To having beautifully crafted and well installed custom made cabinets will depend on how you will choose your custom cabinet builders. The key here is team work, corroboration. You can choose the best custom cabinet maker in the country and yet you can still end up dissatisfied because no matter how great-looking his work is, it’s not what you were looking for. Even though the work will be mostly done by your custom cabinet maker, your input will also be need.

Do your homework, find as much as you can about custom cabinetry and contractors involved with the craft. Choose custom cabinet makers who are not only great with design and craftsmanship, but also enjoys what they do for a living. Set-up meetings, and as much as possible, visit their most recent works, or better yet, pay a visit to them while they’re on the job to see even their working environment.

Here at Dallas Custom Cabinets, we not only aim to provide customers with quality custom made cabinets, we also seek to make the experience happy and enjoyable. We can guarantee you will be working with honest, up-front, professional cabinet builders.


We specialize in custom kitchen and bathroom cabinets as well as full home remodeling. Our custom packages are ready to suit any residential or commercial cabinetry. See below for a list of cabinets we design, build and install:

bathroom cabinets
• bathroom vanity cabinets
• cabinet doors for IKEA cabinets
• closet cabinets
• craft cabinets
optical design cabinets
• display cabinets
• entertainment cabinets
• file cabinets

• fish tank cabinets
• fronts for IKEA cabinets
• garage cabinets
• guitar cabinets
• gun cabinets
• home office cabinets
• kitchen cabinets
• laundry cabinets
• linen cabinets

• living room cabinets
• office cabinets
• pantry cabinets
• tool cabinets
• TV cabinets
• vanity cabinets
• wall cabinets
• wine cabinets

Custom Kitchen Cabinets

There are many reasons why homeowners decide on a kitchen remodeling. The kitchen is a place in the house that is most frequented, since it usually is the area where homeowners not only cook, but eat as well. For some, it is the space in the house that gives them comfort, therefore want to be looking and functioning at its best. However, kitchen remodeling is not a piece of cake, and there is a great deal of aspects to consider, from choosing design and color to implementing safety measures. Homeowners should also give importance to materials and equipments that goes hand in hand with renovation process. One of those facets is deciding on custom kitchen cabinets carefully to ensure that performance of your kitchen is at its best. Consider these following details for the construction of your custom kitchen cabinets:

Consider the Sizing To determine your sizing, check your currently installed kitchen cabinets. Create a list detailing what you like with your current cabinets and what you do not like. For example, you do not like the space your currently have for storage, or the placement of each cabinet is not utilizing all the space available in your kitchen. You may be hiring a contractor, but it is good to have a list even before you meet with them, that way, you will remember all the important things you need to point out to your custom cabinet maker.

Choose your Design and Style Subsequently, you may want to gauge the general vibe you want your kitchen to have, as well as the appliances and furniture you will be decorating your new kitchen with. Your custom made kitchen cabinet should blend well with the entire room. If you are aiming for a shabby-chic styled kitchen, you should consider custom kitchen cabinets that will match that style. On the other hand, if you are more into a vintage looking kitchen, a rustic styled custom kitchen cabinet is the answer.

Choose your Material The entire style of your kitchen can also be affected by the material you will choose for your custom kitchen cabinets. Hard wood has always been the choice material for a lot of homeowners. The benefit of choosing wood over other materials available is that you are presented with a lot of options for customization. You can either have it keep the natural look and color of the wood or have it stained to darken it. The different types of hardwood consist of hickory, red oak, white oak, hard maple, cherry, ash, pine, and birch. A key aspect to think about in your choices is whether appearance is more important to you than sturdiness of your custom kitchen cabinet. Of course, a wise choice is to have both qualities. It can be costly, but thinking about durability, the money spent will be worth it.

In the end, the custom kitchen cabinet you will have installed in your kitchen will be largely dependent on the overall design of your home. All the design elements in your home should be in harmony. Hiring professional designers and contractors can help you achieve value and functionality for your custom kitchen cabinets.


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